How To Use AquilaXP

Normal Use

  1. Write the torrent name you want to search for.
  2. Click on search.
  3. Wait for the progressbar to reach its max value.
  4. Double click on the file you want to download.


  1. Write the torrent name you want to search for.
  2. Click on the DAQ checkbox so that its checked.

Configure which sites to search on

As of AquilaXP version 1.0 (not Aquila!) there is no need to do this manually. Just chose Configure in the startmenu.

If you still want to mess around with the XML options procceed with the reading.
Open Links.xml with notepad or wordpad. If you know a bit about the structure of xml this will be easy so I'll just explain the diffrent taggs here:

  • LINKS - Tells Aquila that it has found the part with the links.
  • AUTHOR - The author of the file.
  • GROUP - All links is divided into groups, it's up to you how they should be divided.
    • NAME - The name of the group.
    • ICON - If you have a picture you want to add to the group write the filename here and put the picture into the Aquila folder. Notice that the filename may be case-sensitive.
    • SELECTED - Should the group be selected at startup? YES/NO
    • SHOWNAME - Should the name be shown (Should only be turned off if you have a picture, but even then you may want to turn it on) YES/NO
    • LINK - A link
      • NAME - Name of the link
      • ADDRESS - The page to search for torrents in